Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting

Copywriting is the technique of writing content for your website which satisfies two separate objectives; to rank well within Web Search Engines and to appeal to potential customers.

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What is Copywriting and why is it so important?

Copywriting is the technique of writing content for your website which satisfies two separate objectives.

  1. To rank well within Web Search Engines by using selected keywords, phrases and terms in ways which are adequately recognised and deemed credible according to search engine indexing processes.
  2. To appeal to potential customers who are searching the internet by using a style which flows, reads easily and is easy to navigate.

So, firstly, your website needs to be seen by potential customers when they are searching for your products or services and secondly your website needs to appeal to these potential customers within only a few seconds of viewing your site.

Effective website copywriting for search engine optimisation (SEO) requires experience and expertise.  Attempts to optimise a website by repeating search terms indiscriminately can lead to a website being penalised by search engines for unethical behaviour.  It also creates text which is unappealing and confusing for potential customers.

A specialist search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriter will ensure your content is well written, structured appropriately for the reader and ranks well for searches by those looking for your services.

Howling Frog has specialist copywriters who can provide copywriting services to assist your website to rank above your competitors through search engine optimisation (SEO) content techniques while delivering clear, persuasive content to the readers.  We understand that you are an expert in your chosen field and that expressing that level of expertise in written word requires skill as well as an understanding of what you do.  We take the time to understand all facets of your business to ensure the right customers are viewing the right pages on your website, and that when they get there, they like what they see!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting, when done well, can really achieve the results you are looking for with regard to website exposure and maximising you return on investment.  By increasing website visitor traffic, holding the attention of the traffic generated and encouraging immediate contact with your business through effective “call to action” strategies, your website becomes an effective tool for generating business.

Our search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting specialists are based in Castle Hill, servicing all suburbs in metropolitan Sydney.  Call us on 0410 470 904 to discuss your copywriting needs – we can make your website work effectively for you!

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